About Us

Ascension Investigations, LLC is led by retired law enforcement officers and a retired attorney/judge, each with over 30 years’ experience in South Carolina law. Our team members specialize in civil and criminal investigations, including crime scene investigation, crime scene reconstruction, accident investigations of all types, locating and interviewing witnesses, forensics, bloodstain pattern analysis, fraud cases, background searches, and process service. During their law enforcement careers, our retired law enforcement officers received specialized training in the following disciplines: crime scene reconstruction, bloodstain pattern analysis, fingerprint analysis, footwear analysis, tire treadwear analysis and evidence collection.

We have experience in the courtroom, from both sides of the bench. One of our law enforcement team members has been qualified as an expert witness and both have testified numerous times in federal, state and local courts in criminal and civil cases. Our retired attorney/judge manages all aspects of the office, including supervision of process service, drafting and execution of contracts, creation of affidavits and investigative reports, and conducting background checks. Our leadership team’s years’ of experience and backgrounds give us unique insight into the issues facing our clients. Our client’s needs are our top priority!